A famous name... V.K. Mehta

"V.K. Mehta, a well-known writer of Science and Technological innovation guides, has been specifically associated with S. Chand and Company for the last 30 years. He was born on 26th July, 1944 and had a amazing career; being a grant owner throughout his educational and engineering profession. He has a vast encounter of educating different Technological innovation topics such as Electronic devices, Energy Program and Electric Devices. He has also been associated with the style of electrical and electronic accessories. His rich encounter in educating and style is nicely shown in his guides which are known for simple language, quality and practical alignment.
Some of his guides are so well-known that they are recommended as a work of art on the subject. His most well-known guides released by S. Chand and Organization are :

# Basic Electrical Engineering
# Objective Electrical Technology
# Principles of Electrical Engineering
# Principles of Electrical Engineering and Electronics
# Principles of Electrical Machines
# Principles of Electronics
# Principles of Physics for Classes XI and XII
# Principles of Power System

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