Principles of Power System - Chapter 11: Underground Cable

Here is the topic of this Chapter:

11.1 Underground Cables

11.2 Construction of Cables

11.3 Insulating Materials for Cables

11.4 Classification of Cables

11.5 Cables for 3-Phase Service

11.6 Laying of Underground Cables

11.7 Insulation Resistance of a Single-Core Cable

11.8 Capacitance of a Single-Core Cable

11.9 Dielectric Stress in a Single-Core Cable

11.10 Most Economical Conductor Size in a Cable

11.11 Grading of Cables

11.12 Capacitance Grading

11.13 Intersheath Grading

11.14 Capacitance of 3-Core Cables

11.15 Measurements of Ce and Cc

11.16 Current-Carrying Capacity of Underground Cables

11.17 Thermal Resistance

11.18 Thermal Resistance of Dielectric of a Single-Core Cable

11.19 Permissible Current Loading

11.20 Types of Cable Faults

11.21 Loop Tests for Location of Faults in Underground Cables

11.22 Murray Loop Test

11.23 Varley Loop Test

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